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Nero Vision Dvd Authoring Software

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Chris Thomas By Chris Thomas on
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Nero Vision Xtra

I needed some software to create a dual layer DVD of loads of pop video's I had purchased and downloaded from the internet, I tried the free ones such as Windows DVD Maker, DVD Flick and Video's To DVD Converter, these were good, but I needed something with more of a professional look on the menu's.

I downloaded Nero Vision Xtra and gave it a go. The software is nice and simple to use:

Firstly you import your chapters or scenes (in my case the pop video's), and it will tell you if you have enough disk space to burn or if you are over limit, then you go and choose a menu. there are several templates to choose from, and you can even set your own backgrounds and colors.

The menu's are generated automatically for you, so you don't need to do anything else in general. However, I had to change all the titles of the video's on the menu because Nero has placed the file type endings on every title, for example, instead of listing the title of my first pop video as "My First Pop Video" it listed it as "myfirstpopvideo.mpg", so I had to go through all the titles in the menu's and take off the mpg ending and put some spaces in the titles etc. This wasn't such a big deal for me to do as I am quite a patient person, but it was a bit disapointing considering some free editors do this automatically for you.

Once you are satisfied with the menu, you then go on to select your DVD drive and choose to either burn the disk or create the vob files of as iso file to burn later.

Then Nero Vision Xtra starts encoding (converting) and creating the DVD. Some time later your DVD is ready to play on your TV.

The first DVD I created looked fine on the TV until I noticed that some of the titles on the menu's were actually missing in the sub-menu's. I went back to the program and checked and they were there ok in the software, so I tried burning the disc again. This time all was ok.

Nero Vision Xtra supports all types of disc media including Dual Layer, which is the format I was using to burn my pop video's.

It took about 3.5 hours to encode and burn my DVD Dual Layer Disc, which compared to other software programs is quite slow, for example the simple Video's To DVD Converter which is free only took an hour to burn a Dual Layer and the quality was excellent, in fact better than Nero, so I'm a bit disapointed in that.

I sent an email to Nero support about some of the issues I've had, but yet to receive a reply.