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Nero Vs Dante?

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Jemmy Hosea By Jemmy Hosea on
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This is a fantastic 3D RPG adventure game by CAPCOM. The game play is simple; all I have to do is just eliminate all enemies that I meet in the game. The main purpose of this game is to rescue Nero's girl friend. There are two different characters that I can use in this game. They are Nero and Dante. Each of the character has different skills and abilities. Nero has Blue Rose, Red Queen, Yamato Blade, and Devil Bringer. Blue Rose is a charged shot that use to shoot enemies from certain range. This ability can be upgrade from time to time, depending on the lost soul (experience points) I have got by defeating enemies. Red Queen is special combos and movements that will be earned by gain lost souls. Yamato Blade is a katana belongs to Dante's brother that used to kill enemies and open the hell gates. Upgrading Yamato Blade can be done by spending lost souls in the inventory. Devil Bringer is an evil power that grows at Nero's left arm, allowing him to do serious damage to enemies and also to perform some combos. On the other hand, Dante has Rebellion and Swordmaster styles, Gilgamesh, Lucifer, Ebony and Ivory, Coyote, Pandora, and Yamato. Gilgamesh is something that made from a devilish metal that absorbs organic material and transforms it to steel, this weapon will shock and awe enemies with its brute force. Lucifer can shoot explosive blades toward enemies. Ebony and Ivory are weapons to perform rapid fire. Coyote is a shotgun that firing buckshot, it has been modified for combat use against demonic foes. Pandora is a demonic weapon capable of 666 calamitous forms. It spells misery and disaster for countless foes, and the last is Yamato itself. Yamato is a katana used by Dante's brother; it is both the key to opening the Hell Gates, and to cause certain destruction. I love both characters. I just can say that both characters are good to play. There is no riddle in this game. All I have to do is to kill and kill. The game is really pump up my adrenaline, especially when do combos. I run this game smoothly under AMD Phenom 8850 and my Sapphire HD3870 with optimal resolution.