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Nestle Aero: It's No Chocolite Bar

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The Nestle Aero was one of the great disappointments of my adult life. I ordered it from an eBay merchant in Canada with the excitement of a small child in an exotic candy store. This would be the candy bar to drive away all pain and sorrow. This candy bar would open the heavens and bring joy to mankind. This candy bar would be the long awaited second coming of the holy and revered Chocolite Bar.

It was not. It wasn't even that good. Then again, with the bitter taste of disillusionment on my tongue, how good could it be?

There is a small but committed group of chocolate lovers online who are searching for a candy bar to replace Nestle's long discontinued Chocolite Bar. Its unfortunate name confused buyers into thinking it was a diet food, and thus Nestle stopped making it in the late 1970's. The Nestle Company suggests trying the Aero instead, claiming this is what became of the Chocolite recipe. I think this is a lie. They are trying to get desperate Chocolite seekers off their back.

The Nestle Aero tastes nothing like a Chocolite Bar. Granted, after thirty years my memory of the Chocolite may be slightly off from reality. I remember it as the most richly delicious, intoxicating candy ever to be wrapped in foil and paper. The Nestle Aero was just a chocolate bar with holes in it. Not the satisfying, full holes of the Chocolite Bar, but actual empty holes. The holes are so empty, that if you leave the Aero bar in your cupboard for any length of time, the entire candy bar falls apart and becomes dust. (I'm not kidding.) All those air pockets must keep it from holding itself together.

I admit it's hard for me to give an objective rating of the Aero bar, considering that it crushed my hopes of ever finding my personal chocolate holy grail. Gone, Aero, is my dream of re-experiencing the great love of my childhood! But that said, it seemed overall to be a pretty mediocre candy bar. You can never really go wrong with chocolate, but if you could, the Aero might be in the running for making a go of it. If you want to buy exotic foreign candies, I'd recommend seeking them further away than Canada.