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Netflix Dvd's Mailed To Your Home Review

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My wife and I subscribe to Netflix. This is an online business that mails you movies. I am the type that doesn't enjoy buying movies and watching them over and over again. I have a few that I do enjoy watching more than once, but on the whole...I like to watch it once and be finished. My wife is different, but that is another story.

Netflix is something that we enjoy, especially me, because there's a website and you can type in a movie name or an actor's name and it will show you what that person has been in. You have what is called a 'que' that all the movies you want to see are saved into. Each movie is given a number and you could have a million movies in there if you wanted. On average we have about 150-200 movies saved in there. They are all movies that we want to see. So when you receive a movie it gets moved to the top and when they receive a movie back from you, via the mail, then they go off your que list and send you the next movie in that long line of movies.

Netflix themselves is very easy to use. You can easily change the order that you receive your movies and when you originally sign up you tell them how many movies you'd like at one time. We are signed up for three, so we have three movies kept at our home at a time and everytime we mail one back to them they send a new on.

We have had problems before. Once we received a dvd that was cracked so we just log onto our account online and there's a spot to report a problem and they immediately mailed us a new one. It takes about one busienss day for videos to reach our mailbox. They are all dvd's and come packaged decently and in a sleeve. All the postage is paid for and you receive prepaid envelopes to mail it back.

We haven't gone into a video store to rent a movie for about 3 years or more. It's so convenient to do it all online and get it in your mail box. They have many different prices depending upon how many videos you'd like at your home at one time. It's a great gift idea and perfect for the person who loves to watch movies. They have practically everything, from old musicals to the brand new just released movies.

Their website is www.netflix.com of you'd like more information on them or to get yourself or someone you know a subscription.