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Netflix Finally Wins Me Over

Reviewing: Netflix 3 At A Time Plan With Instant Queue  |  Rating:
greenumbrella By greenumbrella on
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For the longest time, we were loyal to Blockbuster and took advantage of their online plan where we could rent 3 DVDs at a time and return them in the store for free store rentals for about 24 dollars a month. We were satisfied for a while but there were movies we wanted to see that Blockbuster just didn't have (such as Showgirls) and we weren't about to buy Showgirls just to see it. They also had Very Long Waits for old movies such as Disco Pigs and Midnight Run. That was slightly annoying but we coped and stuck with them. Then we found Netflix. For less money, they let you have 3 movies at a time. You can also customize your queue and even have seperate queues within your account. It also allows you to rate DVDs to better finetune your profile so they can make better recommend movies based on your taste. The biggest selling point was the ability to watch a variety of movies instantly on demand. You can watch them on your computer or you can get a box dedicated to this purpose for Netflix for a one time fee of $100. This allows you to watch the instant streaming Netflix movies on demand on your tv. Another option is getting one of the blueray DVD players that can do this and watch them that way. That is the option we chose. We feel like compared to what we were paying every month for movies and on demand, we will problably save money in the long run or at least get more for the same price. The instant que is easy to use and the best thing about Netflix.