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Netflix For Affordable, Convenient Entertainment

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I first subscribed to Netflix a few years ago. At first I loved it, then their delivery system began to bog down and movies took way too long to get here. I considered canceling my service, but didn't.

At the beginning, I was on the unlimited plan for two movies at a time. If you aren't familiar with their system, that means you can rent two movies at once and keep them as long as you want or return them as soon as you can. Netflix will keep sending you movies all month, no matter what. The only limit is that you can just have two out at a time. They also offer one video and services for more or unlimited videos. Of course, each tier is a different price.

After I realized that I wasn't able to watch 2 movies as quickly as I thought, I dropped down to the one rental plan. Each week, we watch a DVD on the weekend. I send it back and within a couple of days I receive the movie for the next week. This service costs $9.67 per month, which is automatically charged to my credit card. I'm not limited to one movie per week; it's just one at a time, but the number per month is unlimited. There is no way I could drive to and from the video store and rent four movies for that price and the convenience factor is also a huge bonus.

The best part about Netflix is how easy it is. You simply go to their website, pick out the movies you want and add them to your list. You can check the list and rearrange the movies as you want them. In most cases, I am able to get the movie I want when it comes out, but occasionally it may be the next week before I get it. They tell you on the site whether it is available now, or whether there is a long or short wait.

Delivery is the other part I love. No more trips to the video store! Netflix sends them right to my mailbox, then I mail them back the same way. There is no late fee or deadline for return. If you don't return it, you won't get anymore movies until they get it back.

Their database is searchable by category, movie or actor's name. You can rate the movies after you watch them and Netflix then lists recommendations that they feel will suit you, based on how you rated previous movies. They also list Top 100 and also Critics Recommendations. If you have already seen a lmovie listed on their website, you can rate it, which helps in the overall rating that the movie will have. That helps me a lot in deciding which movies to rent. If a movie just has one or two stars, I am less likely to rent it, though I do if it appeals to me enough. The rating system is very helpful in seeing what others felt about the movie.

They also offer free movies that you can watch on your computer. I've never done this, but know people who do and they love it.

Netflix has straightened out their shipping system and we now get movies very quickly and usually get the movie at the top of our list. The easy shipping and picking of movies is a huge time and gas saver. I can't even guess how many times we've gone to the video store only to leave with nothing.

I am a satisfied customer of Netflix and though they aren't perfect, they're darn good.