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Netflix For Wii Review

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Just got our Netflix for Wii disc. Didn't take long to watch movies but overall, I'm glad it doesn't cost extra for the service. This might have a bright future, but for now it's all about the kids. First off, you definitely need a Netflix subscription. It should be mandatory for every household anyway since Netflix is the best invention since Blockbuster. Once you have that, make sure your Wii has an internet connection. Sounds simple enough, but I didn't even know I could connect my Wii to the wireless router in my home for six months. Maybe it's just me and I'm getting old at 36.

Anyway, you can order the disc online and wait for it to show up a few days later. I pre-ordered mine last fall and forgot about it, so it was a surprise in the mail.

Once you follow the instructions about getting the code online, you'll be ready to browse the categories. The good news is that there are lots of them. The bad news is that the Netflix selection is slim, unless you go online and pop in movies to the Watch Instantly Queue.

Controls aren't hard, either. Just use the up-down and left-right keys on the Wiimote to brows categories and movies, respectively. The trigger button brings up a list of categories, while the A button speeds up the movie search.

Once you pick a movie it takes less than 20 seconds to start. When you pause the Wii, it's pretty cool because the movie is sliced up almost scene by scene into thumbnail pictures. And streaming quality from Netflix to Wii via the internet isn't bad. I have DSL and experienced no choppiness. As for picture quality? Well, you're getting slightly less than standard television. A bummer if you have an HDTV. It actually looks a little worse than watching standard definition on a High-Def TV. I'd compare it to a high-quality bootleg flick your friend's friend's cousin sold you for $5

But the movie selection is dominated by flicks for the 5-and-under crowd. The grown-folks movies consist of mostly 80s classics and documentaries. You can watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand which is about as new as it gets. Start filling up that online queue quickly, since there's no movie search feature. The best thing for adults is the TV series selection, which features most of the 24 seasons and throwbacks like 21 Jump Street.

So if it's a rainy day and you don't have a Netflix movie coming in the mail and you don't feel like squinting at the television, the Netflix-Wii combo should do. It's kind of a slow start, but I have a feeling the future is bright for this marriage.