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Netflix Movies Review

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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NetFlix is a movie rental service. Their competitors are Blockbuster, Intelliflix etc. The good thing about these services is that you make a list of movies you want to see in the order that you would like to see them and the service sends you the movies they have.

The problem is of the two services I have tried (I used Blockbuster and Netflix because they have the biggest selection of movies) both have a tendency to not send you the newest movies right away. When I was new I got new movies all the time and then once I became a regular customer it seems like it takes longer to get new movies. Occasionally they send me new movies right away.

I am on a plan with Netflix where I can get two movies at a time as often as I want. However in reality I can get only two a week or what averages out to be ten to eleven movies a month. In the small print they tell you that they can send them only so quick but I live close enough to a distribution center that I should be able to get movies twice a week. With all that being said I still like these services for a few reasons. One, its cheaper than going to the rental place. Two, there are no late fees. Three, Netflix has quite a few movies you can watch online which allow me to check out movies I probably would not rent. So I see a lot of new types of movies that I end up liking really well. I see a lot of documentaries that I usually don't rent because I am the only one at home who likes them. Overall I like this service because I am patient but others who want to see such movies as "I am Legend" as soon as they come out might not be as happy with it.