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Neutra Air Kills Germs

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My husband picked this up last year when I was sick and we used it to kill germs around the house.

Lysol's Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray is more than an air fragrance and is really more like an air purifier. With having both a dog and cat at home, you are bound to have some pet odors at some point. But more than the pet odors, we have more left over smells from cooking dinner - especially when I cook beef. I can't stand the lingering scent of ground beef especially and this air fragrance is one of the few sprays that really cut through the smell.

Neutra Air also destroys bacterial odors and since it's from Lysol, you know it works well. The one we have is "Fresh Scent" and it's not overpowering. I consider it a clean smell and not as harsh and regular Lysol sprays. It really does cut through left over dinner smells that seem to sink into your blinds, furniture and carpet. So I also spray those areas too.

The can is 10 ounces and has an easy stay nozzle.

Neutra Air doesn't mask odors that linger, it makes then disappear and that helps me to sleep better at night. There's nothing worse than laying in bed and smelling food you cooked hours earlier. Also, because it kills 99.9% of bacteria, I also spray it on door knobs when we've been sick or at least once a week since we get lots of visitors, so germs don't spread.