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Neutrogena Advanced Solutions System

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This Neutrogena Advanced Solutions System is amazing. After seeing the commercials, I wanted one but never bought one. For Christmas one year I got one. The basic system comes with a tub of Micro-Oxide Crystallized Cream, two sponge applicators, the wand, and the batteries are included.

First I dip the sponge applicator in the crystallized cream (a little goes a long way). I dab it around my T zone and on my cheeks, turn on the wand, and begin working it in.

I use a combination of upward and circular motions--upward above my brow, at my temples, and up and down on my nose. I use circular and outward sweeps on my cheeks. On my chin I do counter and clockwise circular motions.

The sponge really only vibrates. I thought from the commercials the sponge would spin, but the vibration is nice and feels like a massage. The cream is gritty and I learned you have to watch out around the eye area. When I finish a treatment, I rinse and pat my face dry.

My face feels fantastic. The texture of my skin has softened. The massage gives me a revitalized glow and my pores are much smaller. I used the product as recommended and have gradually cutback for maintenance. I use it only once a week now.

In the beginning I found the sponges to last only 2 to 3 applications. However I discovered I was too rough cleaning them. Now they last through 10-15 uses. Since you only need dabs of the cream, it goes a long way. I have to purchase a jar about once every 6 months.

After incorporating the system into my routine, my skin is softer and more radiant than ever. I had a deep furrow of a wrinkle on my forehead and it has lessened dramatically. I am complimented daily about my complexion. I do have a regular daily cleansing routine with a facial cleanser (St. Ives) and I use Avon Anew daily moisturizer afterward. The combination has worked well for me.

I recommend this product. If you have sensitive skin, I don't think this one is for you because it is abrasive. I researched and found the Neutrogena System online starting at $26. Replacement sponges run about $6. The Micro-Oxide Crystallized Cream is around $17.