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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator

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This is a review that almost didn't get written and that it actually is possible now, attests to the fact that helpful, understanding employees do exist. Mel, a Courtesy Desk Representative who was on duty at the local Wal-Mart store in my area could very easily have told me "so sad, too bad" when I presented her with the Neutrogena Healthy Skin rejuvenator package I had purchased. Normally I will ensure that packages that contain products that are suppose to work together, are fully intact. Unfortunately, I was on a time constrained schedule when I bought this package and failed to do this. Lesson learned.

I've heard some pretty amazing things about the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator system and as is my nature, if something is getting attention, then I want to review it! So was the case here and after hunting down the one and only unit that was on the store shelf, I was really looking forward to learning for myself just what magical draw this particular product seems to have. Like a child at Christmas, the morning after I'd purchased the product, I opened the package and my disappointment was measured in words. "What the..." is as far as I got, before I grabbed the box and read what I thought I'd understood correctly the first time. "Microdermabrasion applicator - check. 2 AA batteries - check. 12 Rejuvenating Puffs - uh, no. 1 Attachment Head - no again!" The unit as I'd purchased it was virtually useless because for some reason, the puffs and attachment head were no were to be found.

The box from every indication had not been previously opened and I had really wanted to try this product. I'd actually been to several stores in the area trying to locate one that wasn't $45 and when I'd found one, it was missing parts - perhaps that should be a sign that I wasn't meant to try it?

Stubborn that I am, out I treked - in the snow - and when Mel, the Courtesy desk employee helped me out - she made my day. With the little set of 12 puffs and the attachment head snug in the package (they had to take apart a box of refills to accomodate me) I whipped home, washed my face and slapped a little blue dermabrasion pad on the applicator and got to work.

The rejuvenating puffs have a bit of a rough texture - they have a type of crystal like material mixed with a cleanser that you wet throughly then run over your skin for 1-2 minutes per area - that's the part that I find the most tedious actually - but while the applicator is on it's actually providing the face with a great little massage-like treatment.

The first time I used it, (up to 3 times per week is recommended) my face almost immediately turned into red patches. This is to be expected as the applicator is removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin at a lower level. As I am normally quite sensitive to creams and lotions I was a bit worried about just what my face would think of my attacking it with this applicator and puff. My secret weapon however turned out to be my Bio-Oil!

After using the applicator and rinsing my face with warm water I applied Bio-Oil and the redness was gone in about half an hour and can I just say - oooh la la!! Baby bottoms have nothing on my face where softness is concerned. I was incredibly impressed with just how great this little system actually works and I was in love all over again with my Bio-Oil to boot.

After the 2nd applicator treatment I have to say that I just can't wait to see what continues to improve in the weeks ahead because this product is definitely a winner!

When I first read the back of the box and the insert that comes with the product I have to say I was a bit skeptical - 91% see instant results on first use and see smoother more luminous skin, after the 1st week 88% had visible improvement in the look of fine lines, by week four 88% had reduced wrinkles and age spots that were quite improved and after 8 weeks substantial improved firmness was found to be the case by 72% of people using the product.

The product indicates it improves skins appearance including wrinkles, pores, age spots and firmness. The massaging vibration of the applicator also stimulates surface cell turn over and for myself, after just 2 uses I have to say that this product by all indications seems to do everything that it claims - well, I don't know about age spots ;) but frankly, I don't doubt that either.

This product in combination with my Bio-Oil will likely be the only skin regimen that I will continue to use now - the results are fabulous and I have to admit, I love the way my skin feels after using it. I also love the way my make-up applications go on afterwards.

This product, which started out as one that I wasn't positive was even going to come and live with me, and which also started out as nothing more than a review just to test it out - is now definitely something I am going to stick with - and purchasing the 24 Puff refill for $17 - a no brainer - in my opinion, it has been, despite the way it started out - the best purchase choice I almost didn't make.

The one thing I might caution others on if you are considering this product - be gentle - let the applicator do the work - this product is equal to taking sandpaper to your skin - albeit much more aromatic - but if you get too carried away you can do damage. I've read where some people have made their skin raw and others have used it more frequently than their skin has liked so err on the side of caution and go with a gentle hand and a less frequent regimen if your skin is sensitive or the epidermus is thinner.

...and don't forget the Bio-Oil! A luscious combo.