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Never Buy Intel X3100 Gma Laptop

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It is now complete 1 year since i bought this laptop. I was completely sure about the brand name and its abilities. i bought it from a Lenovo certified shop and i am sure that this was a genuine thing with no modifications at all. At first it worked really fine, as all other computers do. I could play low end games on low settings, view movies without any technical interference, work on my softwares flawlessly. But as it grew bit older, may be just 3 months older, it started to created problems.

The fan became too much noisy and used to start vibrantly even when at rest. The touch pad used to become too hot to believe and the keypad started to burn afterward. And as it was not sufficient, it started to neglect every cd and dvd i put in it. I searched every singly single solution possible over the net. I came to know that people were facing the same problem with their different models. I couldn't come up with any solution, i even tried microsoft solution to delete upper and lower filters, but nothing worked. As my laptop was in warranty period, i talked to Lenovo care. They locked my call and had to replace the odd of this very laptop.

Well it was just the begining, the odd worked quite fine then. But i started to face other problems, the occasional slowdown of the laptop, production too much heat and freezing of laptop. My rig wasn't quite low, that couldn't bear the burden of programs i put on it. It has 1gb RAM, Dual Core 1.48 GHz, 120gb hard disk, Intel x3100 gma with 256mb video memory.

The really annoying thing happened right after 4 months from the day of purchase, I installed GTA San Andreas again for a little fun. As you can see already that my rig far more enhanced than required for this game. But still i decreased everything to low and started to play. At first it worked quite fine but as soon as i started to do driving mission, the game started to run at ridiculously slow frame rates. Then i figured it out that the system was overheating. I uninstalled the game and started to do the usual work, like watching movies sometimes and doing ms office works.

One day, when i was working, with this laptop on my lap, it suddenly turned off. I couldn't figure it out, so i started it again. It started and the windows error screen showed itself, it tried to search a solution online. As usual, that dumb thing couldn't search any solution. Then this thing started to happen every now and then. I touched the botton and felt unbelievable hotness.

I had to put the left side of the laptop in the air by the help of big books, or i would hang the left side of laptop to the very extreme of table. Can you believe? A laptop which you can't even put on your lap, not even on your table folks. I consulted the lenovo care and they cleaned every part of laptop and then it worked fine. Can you believe, a laptop which can go this worse, only in 4 months? I cannot play games anymore on this laptop because of the incapability of X3100 gma. Not even a game like San Andreas, and i reviewed this thing with many people who had the same gma installed in their laptops.

As a matter of fact, intel x3100 gma is incapable of running games in comparision to ATI, which offer great gma at the same price. And i can say this because my friend recently bought a laptop, HP Entertainment Series 1002AU. And you won't believe, with ATI HD 3200, 256mb of dedicated graphics memory, it became a nice devil for me. I could play a game like Grid on it, flawlessly. On the contrary, Grid used to crash every time i started it.

As for conclusion, don't ever buy a laptop having X3100 as GMA in it. Intel may rock in field of processors, but you think of graphics, GO FOR ATI.

Even, Microsoft Corporation agrees with me. Checkout their Xbox 360 graphics hardware preference, it is ATI.