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Never Looked Better

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First of all, I'm blonde. As many other women, I like beautiful and long eyelashes, but it's hard for me to prove I have them. I have been using mascara for almost 10 years now, and I had to try many brands. The most important part for me is to have the long lasting effect. I hate mascaras that run down my face when my eyes water, and they do a lot, or when I forget my makeup and touch my face. With Maybelline, you can be confident to avoid such troubles. To be honest, there were even times when I cried and still, all my mascara was exactly where I wanted.

Then comes the brush. The mascara brush should have a good firm hold, should be easy to use without getting too much or too less of the mascara on it. I'm almost always in a rush when applying my makeup, and I'm also a clumsy person. Bad combination.. So the brush should give excellent shape with 1 or 2 touches at most.

I never thought very highly of 2 step mascaras, but this one just proved me wrong. The first white part, really gives great length to my lashes, then all I need to do is to apply the black part for the final touch, and I look perfect. The only thing I suffered a lot is that, if you accidentally touch the brush to your eye, it burns twice as much worse than any other brand I tried.. Even so, I don't plan on changing my mascara for a long time..