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Never Suffer Again!!

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The worst thing in the world is being so sick, that you're confined to the four walls of your bedroom. Whenever I get sick with a cold or flu, this is exactly what happens. It seems that every time I'm ill, the cold or flu always migrates up to my sinuses, and develops into a sinus infection. For anyone that's ever had a sinus infection, you all know that the massive headaches are the worst you've ever had! I've tried many cold medications and home remedies, but nothing seemed to give me any relief. All I ask for in a cold medicine, is that it allows me to sleep, preferably breathe out of both nostrils and to not feel like I've had a few drinks. Tylenol Sinus Eztabs are all of that...and more! My hubby was sweet enough to grab me the pack with the daytime/nighttime combination. In the pack priced around $9.00, you receive 20 tablets; 12 being daytime and 8 of those are nighttime (which contains Acetaminophen=what helps you sleep :P). The daytime tabs are non drowsy and offer relief from sinus pain, pressure, headaches and congestion. The tabs to be taken at night, allow you to rest comfortably and provide relief from sinus pain, pressure, headache, congestion and runny nose/sneezing.

Dosage: Adults and children age 12 years and older may take 1-2 tablets every 4 hours if needed. DO NOT exceeda total of 8 tablets per day, unless advised by a doctor. You may want to contact your doctor before use if you have any of the following: diabetes, glaucoma or an allergy to acetaminophen, have heart problems, thyroid, blood pressure, prostate or breathing problems.

Of course, if your symptoms are the same or get worse after 4 days, it might be a good idea to contact your doctor, as you may need antibiotics. And please, never mix this or any other medication with alcohol...it's just not a good idea :S

So the next time you're ill and feeling a lot of pain and pressure in your sinuses, I would highly recommend Tylenol Extra Strength Sinus Eztabs . Trust me, it will do wonders and provide long enough relief for you to at least be mobilized while feeling so rotten.

Ps. I forgot to mention that it's called Eztabs because they are lightly sugar coated for easy swallowing. No need to worry though, they now come unflavoured!!