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New American Diet Cookbook

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Recently I discovered I had mildly-high cholesterol. Many years ago, I had a book titled, "The New American Diet", which offered nutritional information on fats, sugars, salt, etc. In the back of the book there were a few recipes. I used that until the binding came loose! When this book was written, there weren't as many products on the grocery store shelves that were geared toward a healthy lifestyle. Many of the recipes included in the book were time consuming, because you had to make your own low-fat soup substitutes, or fat free sour cream, before you could start cooking.

In 2000, (yes, even this was a few years ago...), the same authors, Sonya L Connor, and William E Connor, (a registered dietitian, and a doctor at Oregon Health Sciences University), wrote another book by the same name, EXCEPT it's "The New American Diet COOKBOOK". All it has are recipes, along with just a few comments by the authors. Although it was printed in 2000, it's still available online. I bought mine used at Amazon.com. So far, almost every recipe I've made has been mighty tasty! There are some recipes that call for fat-free ingredients, but sometimes I substitute low-fat instead. I talked to my doctor about the book, and he said it's the book most doctors would recommend for controlling high cholesterol. Mind you, I'm in Oregon so these doctors are well-known here. After a couple months of whipping up these recipes, my cholesterol level has lowered, and I unintentionally lost 8 pounds!

Many of the recipes call for some pretty strong spices so if your tastes lean toward milder-type foods, this may not be your cookbook. But I love spicy food so this suits me perfectly! I keep waiting for a newer version of this cookbook to come out, but until then I'll use this book until it falls apart!