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New Balance M 409 The Beginner's Choice

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Like most modern day consumers, I'm no stranger to shoes. As I have been wearing them since I can accurately recall, I have a lot of experience with comfort, style, and integrity of various shoes. However, I haven't been a runner very long; in fact, I've only been running for the past few months, and in basketball shoes at that. The time had come where I was in need of a pair of comfortable running shoes to accompany me in my new hobby.

I'm a bit new at choosing the right running shoe, but using criteria normally applied to any shoe purchase, I was able to pick the best pair of shoes for my experience level. The New Balance M 409, compared to other shoes made by New Balance, is the perfect choice for beginners. The shoes themselves are not only stylish, but extremely comfortable and structurally sound. One important criterion I applied to this purchase decision was position of grips on the shoe sole. Since I tend to run on the outside of my feet, the grips are properly placed on the outside of the sole. The second criterion had to do with comfort. The shoes offer enough arch support for me and are properly cushioned to ensure that every step feels as nice and smooth as possible. They are also well ventilated so that your feet stay dry and cool when participating in running or other physical activity. The last criterion that I applied was the combined fields of price and style. The black and white designs on the shoes are simplistic, yet I feel they look better than certain running shoes with splashes of color and wild designs. The price of the shoes was also very moderate, especially for a beginner looking for their first decent pair. They weren't the cheapest choice, and they weren't the most expensive choice. With all of these criteria in mind at the time of purchase, this shoe seemed like the perfect option for me, the amateur runner.

The night after the purchase, I ran my first 5k on a treadmill. The experience left me feeling satisfied from both my choice in shoes and what I was able to do with them. If you're new to running and would like to first hop off of the training wheels, then look no further than the New Balance M (for men) or W (for women) 409. These shoes are the perfect balance of style, comfort, and performance, and I am very satisfied with my decision to purchase them.