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New Braunfels 'Lil Joe Grill

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We are avid BBQ enthusiasts. Whenever we camp, picnic, fish, or go to the beach, we BBQ. Most facilities provide BBQ grills. However, do you know who the last person to use it was? No. I decided several years ago to purchase a portable grill. The grill I chose was the New Braunfels 'Lil Joe.

This grill has stood the test of time. If you look at the image you can see that we have gotten our money out of it, times ten. As a matter of fact, the grill is 10 years old and still going strong.

The New Braunfels 'Lil Joe is convenient to bring along. It has a carrying handle, which makes its odd shape easy to manage.

The interior cooking grill and charcoal grill grate store inside of the unit. The rounded top of the New Braunfels 'Lil Joe provides enough room to store a 10 pound bag of charcoal, lighter fluid, and cooking utensils. So you have everything you will need for cooking packed neatly inside of the grill.

Cooking on the grill is easy. The lid opens the full width so you can get in there to flip your meat.

The design of the New Braunfels 'Lil Joe has the charcoal up close to the meat. It will cook a steak to perfection in no time flat.

You can spread the charcoal thin or pile it high. It all depends on how slow or fast you want to cook.

The New Braunfels 'Lil Joe even has vents should you want to smoke your meat a bit.

I found that Academy has this exact model for 19.99. I bought it to keep in storage should old faithful give out on us. That's how much I love this grill. If you love to BBQ, and do it away from home, this may be the portable grill you've been looking for.

(I was asked to rate burners. The New Braunfels 'Lil Joe is a charcoal grill. It does not have a burner.)