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New Moon By Stephenie Meyer

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My husband and I started reading the Twilight saga because his daughter sent him the four books as a birthday present. I'm not really interested in vampires, so I didn't think I would enjoy these books but decided to at least read the first one and give it a chance. Well, I enjoyed Twilight much more than I thought I would and have just finished reading the second novel, New Moon.

Bella is in love with Edward. Wonderful so far, but since Bella is a human and Edward is a vampire, things are very complicated between them. Being a vampire puts Bella in grave danger, and Edward decides to leave her. She is so in love with him that it devastates her, and in the process of trying to go on with her life, she becomes closer to Jacob, who has always been her friend and who really cares about her. Well, wouldn't you know that Jacob has a secret too, which does not bode well for Bella. This poor girl can't seem to find a normal relationship.

Needless to say, this book is a very interesting tale, different from anything I've ever read. The Twilight saga was originally written for young adults, but it seems to have appeal for all ages. My husband is even enjoying it, and he is not a reader. The book is 563 pages long and interesting to the very end. I am now looking forward to reading the third book in the saga, Eclipse.