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New Orleans, A Grown Ups Playground

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My friend's mother has some form of a time share and my friend invited us to go to New Orleans a week before mardi gras. I was kinda scared at first and didn't want to go, because of all of the crime, you hear about on the news.

Well they talked me into it and I had one of the best times of my life.

We were two blocks from Bourbon street, so once we got there, we didn't have to get back into the car till we left.

I loved the history, the culture, the building. It was so different from where I am from. A lot of the street lamps I seen, had flames.

We went to Bourbon Street every night. The clubs are to cool there. I loved the bands. We would go in one club and they would be singing Johnny Cash. Then we would go in another that was sing Buck Cherry. It was wonderful.

We went to Bubba Gumps and ate. I loved that movie. So, to see all the clothes they wore and pictures from the movie, was just too cool. They have two license plates on each table. One says, Run Forest Run and the other says, stop forest stop. That is what you use to get service from the waiters. They have TVs that play only Forest Gump. They gave us a quiz to see how good we know the movie. The food was soooo good. I got the shrimp served fried, boiled, scampi, and grilled, I believe. That came with like five dipping sauces. The sauces were so goood.

Our place we stayed looked full of history in itself, with winding stars, a iron balcony, old wood floors, and a beautiful patio. They were getting ready to film a movie across the street from where we were staying, staring Brad Pitt. The movie is call, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. What sucks is Brad was coming to film there, that Tuesday and we had to leave Monday. NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!! Its the closest to Brad, that I will ever get.

They have cool gift shops everywhere. There was a hunted ghost tour, I really wanted to take, but no one else did, so I missed out on that. There are horse driven carriage rides everywhere, for those women who have romantic men in there lives. I missed out on that one too. During the day, there is street performers who dance, do card tricks, some sing and play the guitar. You will defiantly meet some interesting people. We met one man down there, who called himself Dr. Love. He claimed to be a real doctor that retired at 30 something and hangs out with his friends on Bourbon street. This town has every thing, for adults. There was a few things I seen that made me blush. So, you could easily say this town is not really a place for children.

The pictures are of: our balcony

My husband in a gift shop, playing with the alligator,

The couple who, we went with, on the street we stayed, & where part of the movie was filmed,

One of the horses pulling a carriage,

Forest hanging upside down on a tree,

And the patio in the back, of where we stayed.

I hate that I didn't go before the hurricane. The scenery was just inspiring. Who knows what all I missed that got washed away by Katrina. The history is so fascinating. I loved this place.

The only con to this trip is there was so much we wanted, we spend our money to fast. It happens to the best of us. Its kind of funny, because if you look at the picture of my husband in the gift shop, you will see what people, who splurge a little, the ATM. But, It was totally worth it.