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New Super Mario Bro's Nintendo Ds Game

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I have been waiting a long time for Nintendo to release an updated version of Super Mario Brothers. It was one of my favorite video games growing up, and now that they've released a newer version for Nintendo DS, it continues to be one of my favorites.

"New Super Mario Brothers" incorporates a lot of the same concepts as the original but also throws in a bunch of new power ups and moves. Also there are multi-player modes so you and your friend can play against each other in Mario vs. Luigi and Minigames. Some of the new power ups include a "mega mushroom" which allows Mario to become a giant for a short time and smash anything that comes into his path; including pipes and enemies! Another is a "mini mushroom" that lets Mario become super tiny so he can squeeze through areas he normally wouldn't be able to or to go down smaller pipes.

I have managed to beat Bowser in this game and rescue Princess Peach, although it was very difficult at times. I have to say the last world is one of the hardest and I remember wanting to throw my DS across the room many times when I would die right before completing the level. I know there are tons of areas that I did not get to or explore that are just waiting for me. To get to all of these though I would suggest picking up one of the gaming guides for sale. I hope to pick up one of these in the near future so I can see everything the game has to offer.

My favorite part of the game I think has to be the mini games which remind me a lot of the mini games from the Mario Party series. They are a great way to get your fill of Mario if you don't feel like actually playing the levels. They have a wide variety of mini games ranging from strategy, to puzzles, to timed events.

I would definitely recommend this game to any Mario fan out there! I am really glad they came out with an updated version that incorporates themes from all of the Mario games that have been released through the years. Now if only these tiny little video games would come down in price, they would be perfect!