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New York Times Good Sports Section

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You may be surprised to learn that I read The New York Times.

The biggest reason why I read this paper is because I get the excerpts of the daily top stories delivered to my inbox. From my inbox I can click on the stories that I wish to read and read almost everything online for free.

The sports and business sections are my favorites.

I find the writing to be exceptional and the stories to be fair.

I especially like how the Times gets on the Yankees when they are not doing so well…. And I am able to choose not to click on any Red Sox losing stories… which, thankfully, these days are not seen too often anyway.

Even the Opinion sections are thought provoking and well written for the most part.

Since New York is what it is, the paper covers pretty much everything that is going on in the world. I find it much more inclusive than the USA today and I much prefer the writing style of the Times.

Reading the paper online has many perks, as well. First of all is the environmental non-impact. This is a biggie for me as having had the paper delivered for years I have a mental image of stacks of newspapers being bundled for pick-up. While I could have the papers recycled, not having to deal with them at all is even better.

Another positive of reading the paper online is that it is ready when I am. I do not have to find the paper in the hedges… tiptoe out in the snow… try and read through wet pages or wait for it to dry…. And I can email any stories that I find fascinating to friends and family who I feel may be interested.

Click over and check it out for yourself: http://www.nytimes.com/

Update On May 14, 2008: While I prefer the online version, please check https://www.nytimesathome.com/ to find out the prices for delivery in your area.

Currently where I am delivery options include a 7 day paper delivery for only $6.40, Monday - Friday delivery for $3.20, Friday - Sunday for $4.50 or Sunday only for $3.25.

If you opt for paper delivery, please recycle.