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New York Times Is The Best!!!!

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Alex Rakhminov By Alex Rakhminov on
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I live in New York, and every morning I always go to my local store to buy the New York Times newspaper, and the reason I do that is because the New York Times is one of the best newapaper's out there because it has so much great information about what's going on in our state NYC, and also about our country and the whole world. The New York Times really digs in hard to get all the information that is needed for the person to understand what is going on. There are moany other great things about this paper, and some of the things are that this paper is extremly detailed on what it's talking about like whats going on in our country or the world today. The other great thing about this paper is that the sports section is extremly phenomenal, because it shares all the news before its released to famous sports channels like ESPN, and etc.

The other great thing about this newspaper is that every single day they have many giveaway's courtesy of there company, and I won twice and that is just spectacular. The final thing that is great about the New York Times is that they have a great job section were it is really easy to find some jobs that are avalible for yourself.

Overall I really think that the New York Times is one of the best newspapers out there today.