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Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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This has been an excellent product for me. All I do is spray it on the cut and wait 30 seconds to dry and it stays sealed. The main reasons I like it is its definitely more convenient as well as other reasons listed below.


The cut stays sealed even while showering. I now have less hassle to reapply band-aids.

Also as its says its a no sting liquid bandage. I really don't see any point in getting a alcohol based liquid bandage that stings on cuts to seal. It just seems to me this would make it worse.

Also for people who live very busy lives this product can save time for them. I personally don't live a very busy life but who doesn't want to save time on unnecessary things?

For me personally the biggest convenience would be it saves time not on just band-aids but on everything extra I might do later. In life things can compound or basicly just add up. This gives me extra energy to do other things just like anything than can save time.

Other Reasons I Like It

It can be sprayed to seal cuts in more awkward areas that regular band-aids have a hard time staying on such as in between fingers or toes. This was my main purpose at first for buying this product.

Its Price

It may seem a high price at 5.99 but keep in mind theres less need to reapply band-aids. This could allow the cost to average out over time to around the same price as regular band-aids. It could end up costing even less if your very careful with the liquid when spraying. The liquid gives you more flexibility to make it lasts longer. It contains 0.61 fl oz(18ml).


I don't have any complaints about it. I did have complaints at first when I thought about the price. When I got to really thinking about it like what I mentioned above in the price paragraph thats when I no longer had complaints.