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Nexcare Personal Soothing Cream No More Chafe!

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demon_buttercup By demon_buttercup on
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Nexcare Personal Soothing Cream is a product I wish would have been around 20 years ago! When I was younger it seems either none of my clothes fit or I just wore them too tight. Add that to all the walking a young teen does and I got the dreaded chafe of my fat thighs rubbing on my shorts right at mid thigh level. It was really bad if my shorts got wet, such as if I was at an Amusement park and then had to walk around all day with the wet shorts rubbing my legs.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened to my teen daughter, who is not chubby, while she was at Valleyfair last year. We went to Walmart to look for some relief for her and stumbled upon Nexcare Personal Soothing Cream in the clearance aisle of all places. The package made me put it in my cart right away as it promised to moisturize and help relieve and prevent chafing.

My daughter said it helped right away to cool down the burning of the chafe and it seemed to add a protective layer to her skin so it didn't hurt to walk anymore. It's just a plain looking white lotion with barely any detectable scent, but it really does a good job. We went back and purchased 3 more on the clearance shelf and are now always using it before any chafe sets in and my daughter always brings a tube with her if she is set to go to an amusement park for the day.