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Next Generation Camcorder Canon Dc50

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Holly Simo By Holly Simo on
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I have been enjoying being able to record family events and functions for at least three years now. My first camcorder was the typical small tape model. The transfer from tape to DVD took forever and I never did figure out how to just erase the tapes. The functionality of the tape model made me go searching for something better. I did my research several places online and found the CANON DC50.

What attracted me to this specific model was the fact that it is a dvd camcorder. With this model you record straight to DVD. No muss, no fuss. These little DVD's fit into your computer and your regular DVD player. It has an onboard light that is easy to turn off and on with just a push of the small joysitck, it fits easily in your hand and is light weight enough to not require a tripod for every occasion. The record button is easy to find and use. You can switch back and forth from video recording to photo snapping. It has a standard battery and you can get an extended battery for it for longer recording if you like.

Another great option on this CANON DC50 is the color view screen. When you use it the quality is fantastic and you can turn it completely around and push it back into the unit so you can watch what you are recording without having it sticking out. For those that have a hard time looking through a small view finder this feature is wonderful. No squinting required!

The settings and functions are easy to use and easy to get to. The menus are understandable and user friendly. There are a variety of lighting options including daylight, shade and cloudy; color options including sepia, black and white and art; manual focus, optical and digital zoom, exposure control and digital effects for the person that likes to put some style or originality into what they are recording. It is easy to hook up to a player, printer or computer. The battery, SD card (which is sold seperately rightly so as to let the user define how much space will be needed for the type of shooting they would be doing) and DVD are all easy to find and remove or replace. Tons of great options and yes you could find a use for all of them!

All the lenses and filters I had for my old camcorder fit the new one as well which was a huge money saver. That is a great benefit of Canon. The ONLY thing I questioned about the CANON DC50 was the automatic lens cap. I questioned the durability and longevity and was assured by the salesman that it was not an item that was regularly fixed on this model of camcorder and years later, he is still right. We have had NO problems at all with this model of comcorder. It works wonderfully and for the convenience of it the price was worth it. The Canon DV50 comes with a battery, charger, video and USB cable, remote (with battery) and software.

So go get it! Start capturing those things you wish you hadn't missed and share them with family and friends and keep them to watch them any time you want to reminisce! Go capture it!