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Jeanette Dusci By Jeanette Dusci on
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I recently watched the movie Next. This is out on dvd now, and it stars Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel. I really enjoyed this movie. It is an action/sci-fi film. I usually don't like sci- fi movies because unless they are really well done, I feel like they are too far fetched. There are a few parts the are a bit unbeliveable, but overall, I found I was able to buy into the story. The actors alone were a draw for me, as I think they are all pretty talented.

Next is about a guy (played by Nicolas Cage) who can see into the future, but only by two minutes and only if it involves him personally. After being relentlessly tested as a child, he kind of lays low in Las Vegas making his way with a magic act and a bit of gambling. One vision that he is able to see further than two minutes in advance involves Jessica Biel's character. He knows that there is a connection somehow to her and so he waits for the day to come. Meanwhile there is a terrorist threat, so a government agent (Moore's Role) comes to find him so he can help them find the nuclear bomb, using his "gift". Next is action packed with some romance thrown into the mix. It's rated PG-13. I recommend this movie.