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mardya wandry By mardya wandry on
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Review: I have followed need for speed series for a couple of years, and then i bought need for speed carbon from shopping game. Actually NFS (need for speed) carbon is like need for speed most wanted. But the game setting in the night, there are three types of car in this game. And the most excited part is there are tracks that play in canyon, usually when you race against the boss.

First, we have to choose which car that will be use. There are three types, muscle car, exotic car, and tuner car. Every types have different unique skill, for example:

Muscle car

America car, that use big power can easily left the enemies behind, no turbos in muscle car, but there is a supercharger which will make the power bigger than before. Great for drag race and the long straight race, great acceleration, low start engine, rather difficult to turn or handle the car in the curve track. The fastest car in the game is corvette.

Exotic car

This type came from European car, most of the car are luxury and easy to drive. Such as porsche, mercedez benz, and lamborghini. Most of the car have short and wide body. Not as fast as muscle car but, it's good in the curve track.

Tuner car

Came from Asian car, mostly car from Japan. This type is the lowest than other types, but the power is in the acceleration and easiest to handle the car. Great for curve track, you don't have to brake when the car turn left or right and the last, this type very good for drift track. But you should aware if race in the straight track, it would be better if you change your car to exotic or muscle.

NFS carbon also providing gamer with crew, which will help racer win the race. There three types of crew, which have own unique skill. Blocker, Scout and drafter. You can bring it in every race and choose it wisely. The modification in this game not to complex as the game before, but it's still interesting. And for the cops, maybe NFS Carbon didn't focus in this part, the cops only passing by and disturb for a while, absolutely different with need for speed most wanted. Overall this game still interesting and good to play, especially if you are a need for speed fan.