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Nextel Phone

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I purchased this phone about a six months ago and I love it. I have had nextel for 3 years now.

The size of the phone is small, its the smallest of all the nextel phones out there...for now. But i like it the way it is. I can put it in my pocket and not have to worry about having this huge bulge of a cell phone sticking out.

The keyboard of the phone is somewhat small. I have a hard time sometimes hitting the right number that I need. It even goes with the speed dial. I tend to call the wrong person because I hit the wrong number on the speed dial.

My reception is great. With where I live there is only three places in a 50 mile radius that I call the "dead zone" Other than that the phone works just about anywhere. I go to Canada alot and it works better there then it does in the States!

I know there are extra features to the phone, but I do not use them. I tihnk the only feature I use is to get ring tones off the internet. It is very simple to use when you want a ring tone too. Plus they will bill it to your cell phone bill as well, so there is no hassle of putting it on your credit card.

The durability of the phone is great. I have dropped it alot. It still works like the day I bought it too. That is what I love about nextel, they make their phones strong. my dad has had his nextel for about 9 years now (the same one!)

The style is gun metal grey with orange back light on the front. Its a very cool colour combination. The inside has a blue backlight for the number key pad.

The batter life is good. It lasts me about three days, then I have to charge it again. It is long lasting and you dont have to worry about it dying all the time.

The display is great. The clock is easy to read on the front and on the inside. I have never had a hard time reading it. It also depends on what background you have on the phone too. Right now mind is dark so it could be difficult for some one to read it, but it is ok with me to read it.

It is a very reliable phone! Nextel has been in my family for years now. I would never go back to my old cell phone company. They are very helpful with any questions you have about your plan or your phone. They can walk you through any thing to help you with the phone.