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Nice, Comfortable, Reliable

Reviewing: Pontiac 1997 Transport  |  Rating:
By lynnemg on
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Recently, I had to buy a new vehicle. It was just time to replace my old one.

I am not in any position to buy a brand new vehicle, so I looked around for a nice, used minivan that would run good and easily seat my entire family. After looking around a bit, I found my 1997 Pontiac Transport. I was immediately impressed with how comfortable the driver seat is and how easily it will hold my entire family of 6 (two adults and 4 children).

My particular minivan has two built in car seats, which is very convientent and eliminates the need to have a bulky car seat taking up room in my van. It has dual sliding doors, which makes it easier to load and unload my children when we go places. There are a total of 7 seats available in this van, and the only downfall is that there are two in the very back and three in the middle, which means I have to fold one seat up to allow the kids to get in or out of the very back seats. This is really a minor inconvenience though.

This van runs very well and, thus far, is very reliable. It has anti-lock brakes, so when driving on snow and ice, I have to remember to tap the break lightly to avoid sliding.

My minivan comes equipped with radio controls on the steering wheel, so I do not have to look away from the road at all to change the station or volume level. There is also a control in the back that allows my kids to listen to music through headphones if they want to.

The doors, windows and driver seat are all autmoatic. I also have a remote lock for it.

As far as gas mileage is concerned, so far, it seems to get about 20-25 miles per gallon. My figure could very well be off though because I have not really done the math, I am merely guess-timating at this time.

Overall, with all of the features that have come with my van and as well as it runs, I feel I got a good deal for the money. I would recommend this vehicle to those who like minivans and are looking for a reliable, older vehicle.