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Nice Even Hair Color

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I have been coloring and/or highlighting my hair since high school. So I have been doing this a very long time. I have tried pretty much every home hair color kit out there from the very cheap that sometimes burn your scalp to the very expensive that don't last long at all. What I do know is that every person's skin and hair shafts are different, so you do need to try other products if one hasn't done what you like. But always follow the directions - no matter what.

Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Technology is the best for me and I have been using it over the past two years. Normally since my hair is thick, I have to use two boxes of color and could easily use three - but I draw the line at 2. Now that my hair is shoulder length I can use one, but just barely. What I love the most about their hair color is that with the color blend, somehow they have it down to where it will lighten or darken your hair (depending on which color you choose) but it also allows you to have more natural looking hair with all of the natual looking shades that go along with it. So with my naturally dark blonde hair, this color brings out the darker and lighter tones of my hair, instead of making my whole head of hair all one color, which in my opinion, makes your hair "look" like it's colored.

To apply the hair color, you open the box and unfold the instructions, where you will find the plastic gloves. I do think the gloves could be a bit larger, as my hands are fairly normal size but someone much larger most likely could not put theese on. You twist off the seal from the top of the developer and then pour the hair color bottle into the developer. Replace the developer's pointed lid and shake until blended. But make sure to put your finger over the open end. Don't EVER mix the two chemicals without taking that sealed cap off. The scent is ok and not overpowering. Proceed to apply the color to the root area of your hair first. Then I normally start at the top and then sides and finish applying the color to the ends last - since they are the most porous and are usually the parts of your hair that need the least amount of time in the coloring process. Sometimes I will even run a comb through my hair once, just to help distribute the color evenly.

Leave the color on for 25 minutes but 45 minutes if you have gray hair or are using one of their ultra blonde colors. Then rinse out well and shampoo with the enclosed tube of Shampoo. This shampoo lasts me a long time because I alternate between that and my favorite shampoo. Now those with black hair will obviously not get the same results as me, but if your hair is dark blonde or a light brown, it will be close and also will depend on if you have a color already in your hair.

I chose #101B Natural Light Champagne Blonde, as my hair has a lot of gold tones and if I were to use any "Ash", my hair turns either mousy green or gray - it's awful. And for some reason every time I have had my hair "professionally" done, they ALWAYS insist on Ash and I have to insist otherwise. I once allowed a hair dresser to put Ash and my hair was ruined to the point of them having to cut my waste long hair up to my shoulders and I had the WHOLE salon trying to fix my hair. What a nightmare. So even though there are good hair dressers out there, I have not had much favor in that area. And then just over two years ago I tried again and my head got burned so badly from the chemicals it took months for my head to heal.

Thanks, but I'll stick with Clairol's Color Blend Technology. It is also great on gray, silver or white hair. I have white hairs growing in now and a few silver, so this Color Blend combination along with my hair color and the box color blend my hair nicely. It also covered my months of root growth that I so desperately needed to cover up.This color is suppose to last for 8 weeks and I'd say it lasts longer but I do have fast growing hair and really do need to color it at least that often. I do not have dry hair, as the shampoo Clairol always gives you is very conditioning

NOTE: The close up of the back of my head was taken by myself and I guess I could have taken it from a bit farther away, but then you would not be able to see the colors of my hair color.