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Nice For The Price!

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By kaylasmom on
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I purchased the SpectronIQ personal 7" DVD player for my little girl after perusing a number of vendors both online and in stores. My stepson had a 7" Panasonic from the time he was 4 - 7 and it worked very well. However, the price tag was quite a bit more than I wanted to spend this time around. I was looking for a DVD player for travel use solely and one that I knew would work well for my daughter's animated movies. I was fortunate to find the Spectron for a great price right around the holidays--just over $80 including tax. For the price, I would say this is a very good investment.

Of course you do get what you pay for. The audio does not go very high on this. For car travel this is not an issue. Also, if you were listening to it with headphones it works great! However, if you want to use it for use outside of the vehicle or in a room with others, you may struggle to hear it at times. I also found that the wall plug/car battery plug port did not last very long. It stopped working about 5 months after purchase, so that in order to use the player it needs to be charged in advance of making a car trip. Once charged it lasts just over 2 hours, which is approx. the standard movie length and also as long as I want my child watching a movie or TV anyway, even during travel time. One final item on durability is that the spring which opens the DVD door fell out after a few months. This means to open the door, the DVD player needs to be held at an angle.

The picture quality is quite good, definitely comparable to others on the market and certainly those of similar price. The picture seems crisp and the play is well, no jumps in tracks during bumps in the road, etc. This is also a very easy to use device. There is a remote that comes with it, which is nice and works well; however, the remote is not quite as easy to use, from the standpoint adult supervision would be required if a child were to use it.

Overall, the DVD was a good purchase for the money. It has gotten a lot of use, so while certain parts didn't hold up long, they did hold up decent considering the wear and tear exerted. I would recommend this player for the price and would likely purchase another, or one very similar to it.