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Nice Virtua Fighter Cameos

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game has you play in the cyberworld as you uncover a mediocre plot to save it. At least the Virtua Fighter cameos and battle system makes up for this. The soundtrack had a couple of good themes and the graphics are decent. The battle system is fun, letting you learn moves from the characters in the Virtua Fighter games and you also fight them as a test. Your attacks consist as follows: a combo attack, up to 6 special moves to choose from the array of moves (a throw, dash attack, jump kick, charge, strike, and a floater to knock enemies in the air) you learn from the Virtua Fighters, and an acceleration mode that makes enemies move in slow motion while you move normally. This mode also has a special but it costs some health. There is also an energy wire that you can use to swing around certain areas, in order to platform and you can even run up alongside walls to help you in Hunter Tests to improve your rank in order to go to the next area. This energy wire can also be used to get you in range of flying enemies or those that you knocked in the air with your floater move, to help you continue your assault; it's useful. The biggest problems I had with Virtua Quest are that the load times are about 10-15 seconds and the dash attack needs room like a bus to operate; you'll need to run 5 or more steps to do your dash attack instead of your strike attack.

The game has some interchangeable cosmetic details too. There are 3 battle modes for Sei, but I never really knew its differences nor how which setup of Virtua Souls (the special moves from the Virtua Fighters you hotkey for Sei) influenced the light, middle, or heavy battle modes. The modes did not feel different although the manual states your attacks are stronger as your HP decreases in heavy mode, your SP during the Synapse (acceleration) mode decreases at a slower rate in middle mode, and your enemies drop more items in light mode.

There is also a puzzle grid to improve your stats and your support robot is also rather interchangeable with the different modes it has when you feed it; the robot never really helped me much even when I changed its forms. Overall, this is a fun game although the robot and your battle modes may not seem to be much different. Fortunately, there were a lot of special moves and the platforming elements for those tests were fun to do.