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Nickelback's Silver Side Up: Surprisingly Okay

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So there once was this band called Nickelback. They sold millions of this album Silver Side Up. Perhaps you have heard of them? And then vomited?

Sarcasm aside, Nickelback get panned for being part of some second coming of corporate rock -- which they kind of are. However, strip away that negative imagery, and evaluating their music on its merits alone, it is understandable why this album is 6x platinum in the U.S.: it doesn't suck.

Plus, the music is so damn... mainstream. I realized this when I saw a black guy blasting this in his ricer Civic one day. The doubletake was almost immediate.

The songs have the ability to grow on you, and have lyrical qualities and depth. These are songs discussing love, hardship and alcoholism in Alberta.

Maybe because I had heard some of their stuff before their major singles dropped, but the music itself is not bad. Some of it sounds the same -- tracks 8 and 9 have practically the same opening hook -- so points docked with regard to originality, but overall the whole CD is not bad.

Actually, quite honestly it feels like one of those CDs you kind of want but don't really want to pay full price for. The replayability is so-so, but the really good songs -- songs like "Too Bad" and "Good Times Gone" that were played a decent number of spins on radio during their heyday but now have been long erased from today's playlists -- bring you back for more. They genuinely are good.

So, recommendations?

If you like having a big CD collection, pick this up cheap somewhere. Like maybe a Goodwill store. It actually is worth a listen, and the best setting to do so may well be in the car.

Alternately, if you don't like having a bunch of CDs, consider picking up the highlights off of iTunes. Some of this is stuff that is just begging for your personal iPod. While some songs get old quickly, others are pretty good.

And just note if you want to look hip or indie, you'll lose points having this in your posession. Hide it like anything else you wouldn't want others to judge you by.