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Nicks Bumps Razor Burn? Try Venus Breeze!

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I'm usually a shaver-I'll use an epilator on the "bikini area", but for the most part it's razors just because it's convenient. I have super fine blonde hair all over, so shaving really doesn't pose any problems for me-the hair doesn't grow back thicker or anything like that. When it does grow back, it's still very fine and VERY hard to see! (I'm lucky like that :)~) One of my biggest pet peeves is when a razor tears through your skin! Along with that super fine blonde hair, I have very sensitive skin! So I've been on a mission to find a good razor that doesn't destroy my skin, leaving nicks, bumps, or whatever else, but still does a good job with the actual hair removal.

The Venus Breeze pretty much does all that I've been looking for! I tired it out the first time-opened the package to discover that it's a plastic razor with changable heads, so it's semi-disposable. I usually don't like that too much because I don't like leaving a razor in the shower forever. They start to get grimey looking after a month or so. For the price they were asking, I could see replacing it every couple months. (fortunately I'm also a coupon clipper-I had a $2 off coupon on a double coupon day at Kmart AND it ws on sale for $1 off, so I got this for about 3 bucks!) The unit came with 2 heads. The heads have a kind of cream or wax on them that protects your skin and soothes it above and below the actual razors-that's their claim-to-fame, I guess, because you can actually shave without using soap or shaving cream!

The first time I used this, I was skeptical because I couldn't feel the razor against my skin. I can't actually see any hair growth back under my arms for 2 days, so two days later, I took my old razor brand and the Venus Breeze and I did one arm each. I'm not joking-I couldn't see any growth for an extra DAY with the Venus Breeze! I thought it would be the same or worse, but not BETTER!

The only question left now is how long does that padding of wax or cream last before it starts to deplete and allow the razor to nick your skin again? I've been using this for 2 weeks and I haven't had any nicks at all so far. The padding seems to still be mostly intact, although when you shave, you can see that it's starting to come off because little bits get caught in the razor as you use it. So far so good for a product that will remove my hair withougt making me all up! If that padding doesn't last much longer, I'll give you guys a heads up in an update, but I have a feeling that I'm going to be happy with this brand! I've been using Venus razors for a long time and I've been happy with their name, but this one is even better than the other ones :)