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Night At The Museum

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By Yoshimi Yoshida on
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Wouldn’t you ever wish some objects came to life? Ben Stiller plays the role Larry, a determined father who works as the night shift watchmen, in the movie Night at the Museum (2006) directed by Shawn Levy. He is shocked at the fantastical phenomenon that occurs in the museum when the sun goes down. As he first witnesses the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton drinking water from the water fountain, he experiences the museum exhibits coming to life at night. I mean, can you imagine having your first night duty as a watchman and the first thing you see is a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that was on display during the day was alive? He first struggles to manage and control the museum with all the commotions and the new surprises of events, but as a committed father to support his child, he continues to work this job. Series of magical events that take place forces Larry to sound psychologically ill and imagining things when he tells the museum secret to his son and his co-worker, but later on they are proven wrong as they see it with their own eyes the magical and theatrical night life in the museum. This movie entertains the young and old, but is a good educational video to help promote the enjoyment of learning world history through the museum. The soundtrack and the vivid colors add richness to the film, helping to create a fantasy imagination for the audience as well to enjoy it.

Larry is a hardworking father who tries hard on looking for a stable job. He is divorced father and feels the competition against his son’s stepfather in becoming the role model in his son’s life. Although he keeps disappointing him, this movie illustrates perfectly the love of the father towards his son and how that stays as his motivation in life to reach for success. Not only is this movie a good family movie that expresses the deepness of a family bond, but also a good historical movie. It introduces historical figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, cowboy Jedediah, Roman General Octavius, Easter Island head, Pharaoh Ahkmenrah and Sacagawea, just to name a few. Levy created an educational comical film having each historical figure to add a unique flavor and inform the audience a little about them and their background.

This film is a wonderful educational film, not only to elaborate family values and strong bonds, but also a historical educational film. It teaches the audience interesting information about history and may be used as a tool in a history class. The historical context of the film is accurate and includes more personality to it. It also portrays the museum into a more fun environment that’s welcoming of young students. I mean, really, imagine how fun it would be if the museum exhibits really did come to life? You can observe and learn more about the historical events and figures your interested in. It entertains the audience, especially young children who are in the process of learning historical figures and events. This movie can be used to stimulate the interest of not only American history, but also the world history. It is a comedy movie, contradicting to the serious tone of history itself, but because of this combination, it allows the audience to have a new outlook on history, and enjoy it fully.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. Even though I am not really a history person, when I saw this film, Levy made it really entertaining so anyone can easily understand and enjoy learning the historical exhibits and the background behind each. Ben Stiller made the film very amusing with his good comical acting. Every exhibit on display played some kind of part in the museum night life, and in every scene, you can focus on a different area of the screen and enjoy something new. There is so much going on in the museum that it will always be entertaining watching the movie over and over again. I would mainly recommend this movie to the younger generation, mainly around the teenage years, because this can help them become more interested in history or the wonderful experience you can gain from going to a museum even if the ones here do not come to life. This movie expands our imagination with history and creates a whole new type of curiosity for the world history.