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Night Light By Terri Blackstock(Book #2) Fantastic!

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Night Light is the second book in The Restoration Series, and once again, Terri Blackstock has outdone herself. In the first book of this series, Last Light, the community of Oak Hollow found themselves thrust into darkness as everything electrical quit working. That means, not only has the electric in homes gone out, but cars no longer run and water doesn't come out of the taps any more. Stores have had to close, as well as banks, hospitals and all emergency services. As some of them traveled by bicycle or horse to see if there was help anywhere, they discovered it has affected the entire nation. No one knows what has happened or why.

They were not prepared for something like this to happen. They had to learn how to provide for themselves in a seemingly impossible situation. As in most disasters, there are those who take advantage of the situation and crime has gone to an all time high.

There is one family who has stood out as a beacon of light in the middle of the darkness. It is the Branning family. They have chosen to trust God and not hoard all they can for themselves, they reach out to those around them to share what they have. They have also taken the lead in pulling the community together to help each other.

It has now been several months and survival has become a way of life. Although every day is a struggle, they are also learning to enjoy life again, as they have realized the electricity may never come on again and life may never be the same. The darkness in the hearts of many continues to bring turmoil into a situation that is already desperate, with theft, murder and mayhem. The Brannings have experienced much of this in the last few months, and now someone has broken into their house and stolen their food supply. In tracking those responsible, they find a filthy apartment where children are living alone with no adult. Although the Brannings are barely surviving themselves, they reach out again, and give help to these desperate children.

The Brannings continue to trust God, and to reach out to others. They are an inspiration to the residents of Oak Hollow as they continue to offer friendship and leadership in bringing a sense of community to their neighbors.

Terri Blackstock continues to weave an exciting tale of "what if, " as we think of what it would be like if we were to find ourselves in a desperate attempt to survive. Ms. Blackstock makes her characters so real that you feel you know them and you can identify with them. It has caused me to look at myself and ask how I would react in similar circumstances. This book leaves me wanting more. I am so glad there is more to come!