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Night Of The Comet 1984 Standard Dvd

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A comet hits the Earth, killing most of the world's population and wildlife. Two teenage sisters are awaken to an apocalyptic world in which most life has died and have turned into zombies. The survivors are slowly deteriorating and a group of government scientists is desperate for a cure. The girls are joined by a truck driver named Hector and they are man's best hope for survival.

Night of the Comet is a flashback to the 80s and is jam-packed with 80s-era clothing, hair, videogames, music, and more. If you are a child of the 80s, this movie will wet your palate for pure 80s pop culture.

Zombies play a minor role; only three zombies are shown on-screen. This movie shows us implied gore and shows us how man deals with the apocalypse. Of course, this film can also be viewed as simply being an action movie without much thinking.

The premise is easy enough to follow and it's a well-paced story that doesn't bore the viewer.

The character-developing scenes are interesting. We see the characters almost as real people. A few aspects need to be worked out but it offers a lot more than many films of its type.

The actors do their roles well enough to feel realistic enough. Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney, who play the sisters, give an adequate performance that isn't the best but believable enough. One of my problems is that the sisters are supposed to be 17 and 18 but the actresses are 24 and 25. Some might not think they pass for teenagers. Hector's age is not given. The trio creates very likable characters.

The scientists are great addition to the movie. The scientists are very cold with the exception of Audrey, the caring scientist played by B-movie star, Mary Woronov. Carter's character, the head scientist, doesn't care who gets hurt.

Geoffrey Lewis is a veteran actor with countless roles. I remember him most for his role in Salem's Lot (1979), as Mike Ryerson, one of the movers of the coffin who is bitten and later seen as a vampire with the old priest. He is also seen as a zombie here, not unlike his appearance as a vampire.

The SFX are very simple but effective. The zombies look great. There really isn't much gore or blood. A red tint is seen throughout most of the movie to represent the apocalyptic Earth. It's an effective way to represent an alien world right here on Earth. Other than the tint, it's our Earth.

The music is just terrific, especially for fans of the 80s music. The soundtrack is part cheesy B-movie electronic, part 80s pop, and part 80s rock. A memorable moment is when the sisters go to a mall and dance to the popular song, Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

The ending is rather upbeat - a fitting end to a new beginning.

Night of the Comet is a cult classic to many movie fans. If you haven't seen it, this is your wake-up call. To those who are already fans, ROCK ON!