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Nightwalker By Jocelynn Drake

Reviewing: Jocelynn Drake Nightwalker: The First Dark Days Novel  |  Rating:
By belle_morte9506 on
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While there are a few things that vampiric legend got right in regards to the main character, she also can control fire, which is a pretty nifty talent to have, especially since most other vampires are terrified of fire. She hooks up with a vampire hunter (and trust me, there's plenty of hostility and barely masked lust bouncing around there) to take on the naturi, who are a form of elves/fairies, bent on world destruction. This book is very action-y and melodramatic, with the typical "I know all just 'cause I'm old" ancient vampires and conspiracies coming out the wazoo. It reads a bit like the typical vampire story, but has some cool (and different) powers and good storyline twists. It is easy to read and well written, quite entertaining. I will make a point to read the future books in this series, as I feel if they are written similarly, this could be a very powerful series. Now I just have to wait for them to come out!