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Nike's For The Natives

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christi239 By christi239 on
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Nike N7's are shoes made just for the Native American foot called the N7. Nike tested Native American feet and discovered that most of the women have a wider than average foot. My sister got me a pair of these and I have been completely happy. I was able to put them on right away and not work to "break" them in. The heel is very cushiony and would be perfect for work shoes.

There's a compartment within the sole of the shoe that allows for the Ipod Sport. It's a small little piece that communicates with your Ipod Nano. It will track your time, distance, pace and calories burned. I haven't bought the Ipod Sport kit yet, but definitely plan to take advantage of this awesome feature.

The one major downfall of these shoes is their availability. These cannot be found in a normal department store. My shoes were purchased via a tribal clinic that also has a gym. My sister is a nursing director there and had easy access. For those people that aren't local to me though, I have no idea how they go about purchasing a pair. I also wish there were more choices in colors. My shoes are a pearlized white with a blue check.