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Nikon Coolpix 11...Gotta Get It!

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By song_of_serenity on
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Well, I'm a 20 something. I have a myspace page. I have a webcam. Guess what? Those grainy, pixelated pictures that I took with it just weren't CUTTING it. Fast forward to me starting a new job. My employer's daughter had a cute little digital camera. "She's only 5." I thought. This camera must be a little kiddy thing. I checked the name of said camera...Nikon Cool Pix 11...hm. "Cool Pix? Most def. a kiddy camera...but it looks pretty good for one..."I checked the pictures on the camera. My jaw dropped.

Did this child's camera honestly take such awesome pictures? No way. Action shots. Clear background.NO pixelation. My webcam was put to SHAME! Her mum came home and I asked her about the camera since I was interested in getting one myself. Her face lit up and she immediately told me to "get one!" "It records video!" She also said "It's been knocked all over the house and has held up really well!" I'm not a clumsy sort, but if it held up to a 5 year old, it must be pretty durable. Then she added "It's only about a hundred and 30 bucks!" I was SOLD.

This nifty, compact camera is awesome and THEN some. I'm no professional photographer. If you are one, I can't say this camera is for you. But if you're someone who needs a camera to capture crisp, awesome detail, records video (you'll need to purchase a memory card to record long outings. I got a 2gb one that holds up to 3 hours) and even records SOUND, all in one for 129 bucks? This is for you. Every review I've seen for Nikon Cool Pix 11 sang it's praises. Sure, you get iffy when you read online reviews (IRONYYY) but I was sold when I saw it for myself. And the PRICE, I can't get over it, I was sure it would be (compared to the other cameras that can be as much as 400) a cheap thing. But it's NOT. It's a great camera for those who can't afford a lot but need great quality. It has nice features as well (6.0 megapixels, iso 800, 2.4 inch LCD) I'm STILL learning about it.

So. Well, if you want a pretty awesome camera that gives you more "bang" for your buck, so to speak, get a Nikon Cool Pix 11. From what I've read, it seems more valuable that Cool Pix 12 (which also costs more) so sometimes, the cheaper, older models can be better. Give it a try!