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Nineteen Eighty Four A Book For The Thinkers

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Nineteen Eighty Four is a fiction by George Orwell. I can't remember exactly who gifted me for it was quite a while. But when it came to my hands after a reshuffle in my study, I was bit perplexed as to why I didn't read it till then. I started off instantly. Initially it was a drab read. It took me a while to get to the feel of it and never stopped until I finished it.

The story is a grim vision of the future where all the activities of the people are closely monitored by the Thought Police who work under Big Brother who supposedly run the whole show. Winston Smith, the protagonist, however, was a Thought Criminal who dares go against the authority until he fell in love with Julia, an unconventional girl. Winston became a rebel soon afterwards only to find himself in obvious prison of the thought criminals. The writer describes an era where emotions, values, character lose the importance and cruelty, war killings, fakes, lies, cheats take over in a manner that these are only truth in life! I had a shiver through my spine going through the bitter description of the torture that the protagonist goes through eventually. The life is depicted in a way that forces us to ponder over the stark reality that we are going to face in future. Its unimaginable how every move of an individual is been monitored and traced as opposed to present freedom we enjoy. George Orwell describes a world where love and lust has no place and marriage is just another method of procreation!

Winston, who did not abide by this, had had a bad marriage for his wife was a diligent follower of the Big Brother. She was reduced to a cold stone block while making love and Winston used to think that her utter coldness was a repellent to love making! This could be the reason why he fell in love with a wayward girl who is carefree, bubbly and unconventional in her own ways. The scenes where Orwell pictures the intimate moment of Julia and Winston are the breath of refreshment in the book. It's blatant yet very touching rendevous that drives Winston to promise his self for her till death. The physical love soon transforms into platonic when they decide to part in the name of their beliefs. Eventually, both fall prey to the authority, who succeeds in reducing Winston to a cadaver.

The story revolves around the principles that are grim and force us to think and rethink. The language is lucid and striking that is so typical of George Orwell’s. The only drawback, if I may call it, would be the descriptive ideologies of the book of principles, the Newspeak. The narration is long and at times tedious. So, if you are in a light mood, looking for fun and frolic - DO NOT read it. I bet you would not like it. However, the fiction is very deep in thoughts and values and forces us to ponder once we finished reading through the pages.

Nineteen Eighty Four is a thought provoking read that would be a great gift idea to people who are very deeply rooted in values and enjoy reading non-fiction. I quite liked it.