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Nintendo 3 Ds

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By rags on
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The nintendo 3ds is one of its kind, it is the only handheld gaming device that has an actual 3D display. It is maade by nintendo which means that it will be thought of as a kids toy but is really fit for more ages. At first i will talk about the pros and then i will go onto the cons.

The nintendo 3ds is an eye-opener. Its 3d display is amazing, and nintendo had the smartness to put a 3d adjustor in which can change the amount of 3d these two factors make the 3ds have an amazing display. Another new feature that the 3ds has that is extraordinary is the AR cards, these are cards where you put them on a surface and the 3ds scans them then it makes a whole gaming surface that you play from the card, this give the appearance of playing on whatever the card is on which is very cool. Another crazy feature is the actual 3d camera on the back of the display, which is pretty amazing saying as you only get 3d cameras in pretty expensive deals. The final amazing feature that nintendo included was the spotpass, which is a system where a 3ds can communicate with another 3ds in sleep mode just by walking by them, with this feature just walking down the street can be exciting because everytime you pass someone witha 3ds you exchange information which can be used in games for bonuses.

The nintendo 3ds also has many cons. The first main one is the lack of good games, most of the game producers are focusing totally on the 3d aspect and ignoring the actual quality of the gameplay. Another annoying aspect is the nintendo e-shop which is lacking in good mini games. Also some of the camera features like the merging of two faces is so bad that at first i thought it was a joke. The final main complaint i have against the 3ds is the placing of the stylus, it is in the back of the device, where youre hands can't reach, and is also hard to pull out.

In conclusion it appears that even though the nintendo 3ds has its flaws it is overall a good device. From its 3d display to its 3d camera, and the spotpass make the device one of a kind. So even though it has some bad features like the stylus placement, and the badly made games it still makes up by being the only one in its category to include 3d.