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Nintendo D Si

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Ever since I saw the DSi, I knew I wanted it. I would always watch little YouTube videos about it. Then my birthday came, and I got it. The DSi, by far, is better than the old DS Lite.

The DSi has two cameras, one on the inside, one on the outside. The camera works, but it isn't the greatest. The picture taken definitely wouldn't compare to a regular camera's pictures. The fun part about it though, is that you can edit the pictures on the DSi, and even put them in a calendar. You can liquify them, doodle on them, change its colors, morph two faces together, and more! So even if the camera is bad, it's still fun to edit the pictures!

It also has a microphone, for playing games, and also making voice recordings. With the voice recordings, they also have tons of cool effects, like changing the pitch and speed, making it echo, ect. These effects can also be done with songs that you can put on your SD card

On PictoChat, you can tap the pen sign, any you can get a rainbow marker!! That, believe it or not, was actually pretty exciting for me.

DSi also has a Web Browser, and many little applications that you can download from the Nintendo DSi Shop. Some of them are free, like the Web Browser, and some cost points, which you have to buy, or download from a point card. When I got my DSi, it came with 1000 free DSi points, but that was for a limited time only. They might not come with those free points anymore.

Overall, the DSi is pretty good. Even though the camera isn't the best, there are still many things that make the DSi fun. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who loves video games.