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Nintendo D Si Review

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By Sean Kallungal on
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Well Nintendo's done it again, they've cranked out ANOTHER iteration of there very popular DS console and this time it seems to add on just a "tad" bit more then the previous version, the DS Lite.

When you first turn on your DSi you will be prompted to enter you name, birthday, slogan, etc. Once thats all done the menu screen will start up.One of the major selling points of the DSi is "individually" in the sense that each DSi user can have a system layout that fits their personality. With that in mind the new DSi presents a slick new menu interface thats reminiscent of the iPhone. At the start you will be asked if you want to take a photo using the DSi's 2 camera's. Unfortunately the cameras do not have that great of resolution coming in at about 0.3 megapixels.

But besides the fact, along with the camera the DSi comes packed with new "applications" one of which is specifically designed for the camera. The "camera" app sports a face-recognition system which allows you to creat some hilarious pics. Another major addition to the DSi is an SD card slot capable of reading up to 32GB SDHC cards. You might be asking "Why in the world would i need that much memory" and thats where the "Sound" app comes in. The "Sound" app allows you to record your voice and/or play music, via the DSi's built in microphone and the previously mentioned SD slot. But the big difference is the fact that not only can you play your recordings and music, you can "Play with your music". The "Sound" app provides various filters ranging from changing your voice into a trumpet, or making your voice recording sound like it's a trumpet. The last major addition to the DSi is its "DSiWare App Store" where you can download application ranging from Free-800+ points ( 100 points roughly equals about $1 USD) and thus making your console a "reflection" of your personality. One of the Free apps at the launch date was the DSi Web app. This app allows you to use the DSi's improved wifi capabilities to browse the internet, please note that no form of Flash has been incorporated yet meaning no Youtube!

For user's of the DS Lite, there are many tempting features sported by the DSi but so far there is no defining reason for upgrading to it. Dont get me wrong, there is a highly probably chance that the App store will recieve some intresting updates in the coming months but until then... As for the fat, bulky DS users this is a must have. Overall I am very pleased with the Nintendo DSi and look forward to unique applications and games being add to the App store.