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Nintendo Wii A Blast For Everyone!

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By phoebe on
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After the initial buzz of the Nintendo Wiii wore off, I had more than a casual interest in Nintendo's newest console. Having been a fan of the GameCube, the concept of a handheld, gyroscopic controller seemed a little "too different" - I was not sure how well it would work in games.

I managed to track one down at a local game store - GameStop. It comes with the Wii console, one controller and nun-chuck accessory, and the Wii Sports game.

I was surprised at how small the Wii unit was - very lightweight and portable. Set up was easy, plug in a few cables, set the remote sensor on top, below, or to the side of your TV. When you turn the unit on, it walks you through a simple set up for your time, where the remote sensor is located, and a few other settings. It was all very clean-cut and easy to understand.

Using the Wii-mote was a little tricky to get used to at first. The sensitivity is very good, however I did have some trouble finding just the right place to stand to have optimal reception between the Wii-mote and the sensor bar.

After playing a few rounds of bowling, tennis, and golf (included with the Wii Console), I was hooked. You move, you sweat, you get a good workout! You can play the games sitting as well, though it is not as fun.

My husband and I brought the Wii over to his parent's house for them to try. They loved it, and could easily pick up the control. His grandparents were even getting into it!

The Wii really is a great cross-generational console. There is a fantastic game variety that will appeal to any age group. Currently there are many sports games, including Fishing, Carnival games, and multiple Golf and Tennis challenges. There are also the standard "shooter" games, as well as the newly introduced Wii Fit which is designed for exercise.

This has been one of the best gaming consoles I have ever used. The intuitiveness of the controls and the wide range of games has made this the perfect console for young and old alike! There has been nothing more fun than challenging my grandparents to a game of tennis, or deepsea diving for a more relaxed gaming environment.

They are still hard to find, but if you see one, I strongly recommend purchasing it - even if you only use the game that comes with the Console, it is well worth the price!