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Nintendo Wii Fun For The Whole Family

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crunkyjens By crunkyjens on
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My sister and I have been wanting a Wii for awhile, so when she called me up one day and told me she purchased one I was so excited! My sister still lives in Michigan so when her and my parents came to visit me in the middle of May they brought it down with them and we set it up in my apartment.

The Nintendo Wii has got to be my favorite video game system I have ever played. Although the Smurfs on Atari will always have a special place in my heart. :o)

The Wii that my sister purchased came with one Wii remote and also the Wii play which has bowling, golf, boxing, baseball and tennis. The Wii was very easy to set up and we were playing within a matter of about ten minutes I would say. The wireless receiver sits perfectly up top my plasma TV and even though it's grayish/white in color it blends in quite well. I also like that the actual Wii console is very small in size and it also fits perfectly on the side of my TV.

We ended up purchasing a memory card for the Wii so it could save our data for the games we played and also the Mii's we created. I believe we paid about $20 for a 1GB memory card. You can also purchase additional Wii remotes for $39.99. We ended up purchasing two more so my sister, my boyfriend and I could all play Mario Party together and not have to pass one remote around.

If you have never seen a commerical for the Wii or are not quite sure what it does, basically it's like any other gaming system, but cooler. You use your Wii remote, or in other words, your controller to play the games. What makes the Wii remote different from say an XBOX controller is that you have to move it around and the wireless receiver picks up your different movements. Different movements in games equal different moves for your character. For example, during Wii bowling you hold the remote and pretty much pretend it's a bowling ball and go through all of the motions to throw your "virtual ball" in the game. It's the same concept for Wii golf, tennis, boxing, and baseball.

I'm so happy that I finally own a Wii, thanks to my amazing sister. I can't wait until she moves down to Florida so we can play the Wii all the time!

Update On Jun 01, 2008: Just to confirm: the Wii receiver which receives the wireless signal from your Wii remotes is what sits perfectly uptop my TV. It's probably half an inch high and less than a foot across. The actual Wii console that you put the gaming CD's into sits perfectly on the SIDE of my television on the TV stand. Didn't want anyone to actually think I put the console on top of my plasma. :o)