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Nintendo Wii Gaming System

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The Wii is a revolutionary new console created by Nintendo, known famous for it's games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. Instead of using a typical controller like normal gaming systems, the Wii uses a innovative motion sensing devices call the Wiimote. Using a sensor bar on top of the TV, the Wii knows where you are pointing the remote and can sense where it is at all time.

Included with the Nintendo Wii is A/V Cables, Power Cable, The Console, Sensor Bar, Wiimote and Nun-chuck Controller, and the game Wii Sports. Wii Sports consists of 5 games, Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Bowling. These games are very fun, although simple.

The one thing I like about the Wii is the fact that everyone seems to like it. Even if you arn't into video games someone can enjoy the Wii. I will admit that the game selection is lacking currently, but hopefully that will change within the next year or so. Overall I really enjoy the Nintendo Wii and I think it will be the most popular console this generation.