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Nintendo Wii Review

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By roodawgy on
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The Nintendo Wii is a revolution in modern gaming. This is the first console that has primary controllers that rely on hand motions rather than just pushing random buttons. The Nintendo Wii is one of the first vdieo game systems that the entire family can play. There are games for all ages, and the system improves on fundamentals of exercise, rather than just thumb strength from playing your conventional video games. Especially the game, Wii Fit, that is advertised as its own package. This product encourages an entire family to do their exercise through a video-game interface, and actually makes it into a competitive, fun, family contest, that will get the entire family into shape.

The Nintendo Wii uses a system of advanced graphics, and has many types of controllers for the same console. For example, there is the conventional Wii Remote, that works its purpose when the player waves it around. There is also the classic controller, that resembles a classic Nintendo controller from the day of NES. There is also a special controller for Guitar Hero, that transforms the entire Nintendo Wii controller into a guitar, capable of playing. Compared to the XBOX 360 and the PS3 of today, the Nintendo Wii is also the most budget-friendly video game, with its retail price in many shops being just under $250, compared to the $350 for the XBOX 360 and the $450 for the PS3.