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Nintendo Wii: The Gaming Console For Fun People

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By wyattt on
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Many people pass the Wii off as a kids toy. And while this may be the audience that the console seems to appeal to, the Wii is not just a kids toy: it's a toy that the whole family will love. I bought the Wii on a rainy Saturday last March. I went to Toys R Us at about 7:00 in the morning, waited an hour, and finally got my hands on what is arguably the funnest console ever made.

Once I opened the Wii, I set the system up in just a few minutes, and instantly inserted 'Wii Sports', the pack-in game that comes with the console. Right away, the intuitive interface was apparent: I swung, moved, and jabbed the controller realistically as if I was playing real sports. It's an amazing experience that everyone in the whole family will enjoy.

The Wii retails from a price point between $250-300 US, making it the cheapest console on the market. The games are typically $10-20 cheaper than the other next-gen consoles, which makes it the most affordable consoles for kids and adults alike. Granted, the graphics aren't as good as the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, but unless you have a big TV and a need for beautiful graphics, the Wii's visuals shouldn't get in the way of the gameplay experience.

Overall, I'd recommend the Wii to any gamer: both the hardcore and casual variety. There is games that appeal to everyone, and it's not a very expensive investment. The Wii will impress people old and young, and you'll have a fun time when playing with others. This is the console for fun-loving people, no matter what anyone might say.