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Nintendo Wii's Best Shooting Game: Call Of Duty: Black Ops

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Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best shooting game ever for Wii. I know it's only been released for a few weeks, but it's sold to million gamers.

Some information about C.O.D: Black Ops

This game is published and owned by Activision Company. It has been copied and sold to million gamers, and also received tons of good feedbacks. Although the game creator took some goods from Modern Warfare 2 and then modified it, it is still the best first-person shooter game for Wii. The reason that makes this game so perfect is that it has lots of awesome missions, comes with different modes such as Single Player Mode, Multiplayer Mode and Zombie Mode, and different difficulties. Unlike last series, C.O.D: Black Ops brings us back to Cold War era, World War II. It has been primary set in World War II with the exception of Call Of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Game Modes and Difficulties

- Single Player: With Single Player mode, you can play the game in offline mode and complete tons of missions such as Prison break, vehicle chasing, spying and more. You can also choose different difficulties to play such as from easy to extreme. This mode also helps you warming up with C.O.D and improving your skill in shooting.

- Multiplayer: This is actually the coolest mode since you can battle with real people by using Internet connection. When you play this mode, you can improve your skill and have fun with other people. Not only playing, you can also find out other people's skill and learn from it or make jokes of it.

- Zombie Mode: I think this mode is very special since very few of other first person shooter games have this mode. Basically all you have to do in this mode is that kill zombies to survive

Control the game

It's better when you play with a Wii Zapper because it looks more realistic. You can move the character with the Wii remote and the nonchuck. With the remote, you can move the view to any angles of the screen by moving your controller and not pushing buttons, change guns, throw grenades, and shoot. With the nonchuck, you can use it to move the character and aim.

4.5 over 5 stars and 9.0 points from Editors' choice

C.O.D: Black Ops actually makes C.O.D fans feel with joy by bringing more action, more promises, and more chasing to gamers. This game deserves a 9


Overall, this game is unbeatable. Although it's only for mature, this game still beats any other games. Happy playing.